Managed WordPress Security, Hosting, and Care

Is your WordPress site guarded
from hackers and system failures?

Premium WordPress services shouldn’t be complicated or expensive.
We optimized our services to support freelancers,
small businesses, bloggers, schools, and nonprofits.

WP Premium Services

WordPress Security

Our service provides regular updates to your plugins and scans for vulnerabilities to keep your site safe from threats.

WordPress Hosting

Looking for reliable WordPress hosting? We provide a home for your WordPress blog or ecommerce site to grow and develop.

WordPress Care

If you hate downtime as much as we do then let us handle your backups, updates, and many other care tasks.

WordPress Content

Managing content for your website requires a lot of attention. We save you time and with cost-effective WP content management.

WordPress Support

Problem with a plugin, plagued by a white screen of death, can’t get text to align right? Let us fix it for you.

WordPress Adminitration

Site running slow? Our team can optimize your site and database to have it running at top speed.

Why us

We provide complete management with detailed reports.

We have you covered and we show you with a detailed report breaking down the work did for your business.

Why you need Expert WP security

wordpress Installs
1 %

Percentage of the worlds websites with WordPress installed making them a worthwhile target for hackers.

missing Updates
1 %

Percentage of WordPress sites that are out of date. Un-patched plugins are the leading reason WordPress sites are hacked.

Evil Persistence
1 %

Percentage of hacked sites that had a backdoor installed allowing hackers to exploit sites even after patches are applied.

rest assured, we monitor your alerts and investigated for problems.

Security monitoring

Broken Links/deleted pages

Not always a security concern, but we monitor broken links just in case.

Unauthorized Access

Uninvited guest are not only a nuisance, their actions can also have consequences.

Unauthorized/unexpected changes

Sometimes bad is inevitable; When Murphy's law strikes it wont go unnoticed.

We are very confident that our services will meet your needs so we offer a guarantee that if you are not happy with our service we will refund your money for any reason.

No Questions Asked

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Monthly WP Expert Care Plans

Best Budget

WordPress Essential


Theme and plugin updates
Automated local backup
Security monitoring & notification
Malware scanner

Most Popular

WordPress Premium


Everything from Essential
Detailed weekly report
Automated off-site backup
Uptime monitor
Broken link checking
remote backup

Best Coverage

WordPress Professional


Everything from Essential & Premium Plan
Everything from Premium Plan
Google Analytics
Google Page Speed
Google Webmasters
Google Safe Browsing
Migration / site clone
Staging support
Near Real-time backups
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